Give youngsters a super-start on the path to financial literacy.
The Centsables are a group of friendly bankers by day and superheroes by night, dispatching villains and rescuing people from financial traps.
The award-winning 13 episode animated TV series is available in English and Spanish on Kids Street On Demand.

Get to know the Centsables


AKA: Grant
Super Power: Gargantuan growth
By Day: Centsinnati Bank security guard

A giant nemesis to knuckle-headed bad guys. When he feels the need to help, he reaches new heights of protective power!

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AKA: Suzy B
Super Power: Control over water
By Day: Centsinnati Bank meet-and-greeter

A gem of a defender who melts hearts and ices all baddies. Her mission is security, her assets are liquid and her enemies are dispatched bada-bling!

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AKA: Jackson
Super Power: Command of the wind
By Day: Centsinnati Bank security guard

A vortex of protection for kids in need. When this hurricane hits, villains run for cover!

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AKA: Hamilton
Super Power: Infallible marksmanship
By Day: Centsinnati Bank investment counselor

Tirelessly targets villains with his acorn arsenal and unerring aim!

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AKA: Franklin
Super Power: Impregnable shell
By Day: Centsinnati Bank teller

Bulletproof bastion of good choices, good habits and good finances. This armored avenger is quick to shield kids from evil-doers and evil deeds.

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AKA: Penny
Super Power: Super speed
By Day: Centsinnati Bank teller

A fleet-footed guardian who catches bad guys flat-footed, with sprightly sprints that take her from hare to there in the blink of an eye!

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