Dad and his two twin boys all lived peacefully in their burrow, they are The Badgers.
Fox Margaret and her daughter Rosie live next door…
Luckily, when love is involved, one house could be filled with happiness and smiles.
Come and have fun with Kids Street.

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She is determined to “bake the world a better place”, one cupcake at a time!
That is why Strawberry Shortcake packed her bags and headed to The Big Apple City.
If you can bake it there, you can bake it anywhere.
She has all the ingredients to bake the magic happen.
Come and have fun with Kids Street.

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Chocolix is a family made of chocolate with different colors, because being different is cool and sugary.
Everyone has a unique flavor and has a special gift.
They live in the splendid Kingdom of Chocoland.
And together they make the world a sweeter place!
Come and have fun with Kids Street.

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Rainbow Ruby comes to the rescue whenever a doll friend needs help!
VO: When Choco’s heart starts to glow, she knows it’s time for a magical journey into Rainbow Village.
VO: Rainbow Ruby takes on helping roles with enthusiasm and confidence!
Come and have fun with Kids Street.


No dream is too big, no adventure is too small for POLLY POCKET!
She uses a magic locket to shrink to four inches tall
She embraces her pocket-sized powers and finds the upside of shrinking is big fun for her and her friends.
Come and have fun with Kids Street.

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Manu is an apprentice fairy godmother that aims to solve ALL the problems of the inhabitants of this enchanted Kingdom.
With her umbrella, her friend Joao and Duke the frog, they try help their friends.
But Manu’s spells do not always go as expected…
Come and have fun with Kids Street.


The teacher is a kid.
And the students are toys!
This is the ultimate dream come true!
Learning and having fun at the same time!

Come and have fun with Kids Street.

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Yakari, is a restless Sioux boy
He, his horse, and his friends live great adventures every day in the wilderness
With the help of his totem – Great Eagle- he has the power to talk to the animals!
Come and have fun with Kids Street.

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For the youngest fixer-upper, Bob the Builder has all kinds of ideas, and he's known for his can-do attitude.
He gets things done when something in town needs fixing.
Bob and pals dig, haul and build together! They live in an imaginative world full of new experiences.
Come and have fun with Kids Street.

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Luna is a 6-year-old preschooler, who’s super excited about anything and everything having to do with science.
From the most distant planet to the brilliant colors around her, Luna makes it her goal to learn all she can about how things work in the natural world.
Her world is a giant laboratory!
Come and have fun with Kids Street.

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Darwin and Newts are a brother and sister duo that loves adventure and figuring out how stuff works with the help of science!
Join them as they explore and discover the natural wonders of their incredible home of New Zealand.
Darwin and Newts!
Come and have fun with Kids Street.

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Heidi is an enthusiastic, generous and wonderful little girl!
She lives in the Swiss Alps and experiences many exciting adventures every day.
Learn with her the priceless values of friendship, nature caring, and mutual respect.
Follow her journey as she discovers life's ups and downs.

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Follow the adventures of Captain Pin and his crewmembers.
Explore the principles of physics, chemistry, and biology while traversing the world.
Find humor, fun, and friendship in every challenge under the leadership of Captain Pin.
Pin Code!
Come and have fun with Kids Street.


Henry has an imaginative chat with whatever he meets each day. They are always delighted to talk, laugh, and share their amazing world.
Everyday Henry meets something new - One day Henry met a Whale! A fire engine or The Moon! How exciting, just wonder what Henry is going to meet today?
Come and have fun with Kids Street

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The stars of the series are YO & YO, twins with very different personalities:
YO is shy and cautious, YO is outgoing and impulsive. He thinks before acting, she acts before reflecting.
They have different dreams. But at critical moments their minds find the twin tune, because two heads reason better than one.

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Armed with nothing but his cheeky overconfidence, Blinky takes on whatever wild perils the world can throw at his peaceful outback home.
No matter whether the task is grandiose, epic, dangerous, or frivolous - to Blinky it’s all just adventure in disguise!
He never gives up and no matter what the problem is you can count on him


Teo is a cheerful, lively, smiling 9 years old boy, with a special quality...
When he sneezes… he turns into an animal!
He can’t control its sneezes and he can’t predict which kind of animal will turn into!
But with the help of his friends he will always get out of it.

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A young bee named Maya has left her hive to discover the beauty and mysteries of nature.
As she explores the meadow where she lives, she meets other insects living there, plays to her heart’s content and shares her joy with friends. Maya’s amazement and enthusiasm is contagious.

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The English-language animated series features two kitten characters that discover the world through toys in a big play box -- their "Imaginarium." Helping kids learn the important lessons in life and have a blast learning them.


Each day, they hop on board of their school-boat and head off to a magical preschool trip.
Meet Mister O’Dear a teacher that happens to be a deer!
Through imagination, adventure and teamwork the children learn about the world and the enchanting Rocka-Bye Island.
Rock-a-Bye Island new on Kids Street.

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Every day P.K Duckling dreams up wild adventures.
One day he might see himself as a scientist, an architect or a pizzeria owner, or even a mountain climber!
But then he realizes that doing those jobs is challenging and don’t always go as expected!
P. K. Duckling new on kids Street

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This 7-year old girl has a magic gift: she can talk to animals!
A secret portal connects her world and the animal’s world.
See her bathtub leading to the ocean or her fridge bringing the Artic!
Follow Wissper, Peggy the penguin and Monty on their missions.
Wissper new on Kids Street.

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